We focus on digital inclusion.

Bridging the digital divide that exists within communities.


We provide workshops, classes, one to one sessions and consultancy services for individuals, groups and organisations.

Our sessions are aimed at improving your confidence when it comes to computers and the Internet and giving you the tools to explore and use them safely.

Our training style is quite informal, and our sessions are aimed at those who are not primarily interested in gaining a formal ICT qualification or accreditation, but just want to learn how to use or improve their knowledge of computers, the Internet and other digital equipment such as smart phones, cameras and mp3 players.

People learn best when it matters to them and we put this into practice!

Training For Groups

We can provide training for groups of 5 or more people, for half day/full day sessions or for a number of sessions over a fixed period.

We are able to deliver a number of different workshops or sessions including the following:

  • Computers for beginners
  • Emails – making the most of your account
  • Staying safe online
  • Accessing key services
  • Navigating around the Internet
  • An introduction to social media

Or why not contact us to discuss developing a bespoke training package for your group. Bespoke training  allows you to tailor the sessions to the specific requirements of your groups needs.

For individuals

Whether you have never used a computer before, never used the Internet or just want to improve your key skills get in touch with us today! We can provide you with 1-1 support at affordable rates, with a training plan designed specifically around your needs and areas for improvement.

Training & Consultancy for Organisations

We can provide ‘at desk’ training for your staff, focusing on their individual ICT needs with an emphasis on improving their confidence levels. Our 1-1 style of training means that we are able to address specific needs.

For more information on all our training services please contact us today!